DADIU_Team4_2013_FrontpageSun Towers is a casual match-three tower defense game, where you match towers into greater towers to level them up, and help the villagers defend the cities against the monster invasion.

The game features a blend of two genres, something like Triple Town meets Kingdom Rush. Released in the Android store in 2013.


The game features both match-three and tower defense mechanics, as the player will be matching three towers in order to level them up, paying attention to the tower types and enemies, and making a maze for them. The game allows for different types of gameplay, as the player is allowed to either go with the flow and build towers casually, or pause the game and think of the perfect building strategy.

As the player defends the cities, they will grow and give him money to buy upgrades and items. As the player becomes more powerful, he will be able to tackle harder challenges, as clearing hardcore mode, daily missions, and more.

It was done as a DADIU project, in a team of 20 people in just six weeks. It has been released for Android phones, and will soon be ported to iOS.


The game is out in the Android store, and we’ll probably port it to iOS soon. It’s been a long stretch, and we all got things we want to add and change about it, but we’re all happy with the end result, and having made it in just six weeks has been a real accomplishment.

And here’s a gameplay video!


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