Out of Darkness: Rebirth is a first person horror adventure game where the player takes the role of Sophie, a small kid trapped in a huge Orphanage.

The game is all about escaping from this place: exploring forbidden rooms, gathering secret information and hiding from the Nuns and Ghosts roaming around.

This horror adventure will have you jumping on your seat as sound, music and visuals come together to create a small yet carefully crafted experience with a light but important narrative about Sophie’s life and family.

Play a demo of the game here!

Try the Oculus Rift Version (DK1-Compatible) with extras here!

You could say it’s Silent Hill meets Amnesia, as we present a scary setting with a map to explore and enemies that will chase you.





Sebastian Trelles – Game Designer – Game Producer – Gameplay Programmer
Marta La Mendola – Level Designer, Visual Artist and Animator
Virgil Tanase – Level Designer
Cristinel Patrascu – Lead Programmer

Visual Artists: Federica Orlati, Matteo Martinelli
Programmers: Mattia Fiorio, Marco Scirea
High-concept Design: Daryl Hornsby

Sound Effects:

All music tracks by Kevin McLeod.


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