windowOut of Darkness is a 3D adventure game with stealth elements, where the player takes the role of a small girl and her ghost friend in their quest to escape from a mysterious Orphanage.

The small girl gets scared easily and will be sent back to her room if seen or heard by the guardian Nuns. In order to help her, the invisible ghost friend will create distractions by spooking the Nuns and clearing the way for her to move. As the story moves forward, the girl will start to uncover a mystery that ties her to that place.

The game aims to be an engaging adventure game with stealth puzzles, a creepy yet comical overtone and a psychological story that involves the girl, the ghost and the Orphanage where it takes place.

A vertical slice of the game has been developed, in Unity, in a team of nine people over five months.


You can find the Game Concept document here, and the Game Design document here.

You can download the game (PC build) here.




Here’s a video trailer of the game.


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