I’ve been writing some articles and stories for some time now. Here’s the links to some of them.

And here’s a link to my blog, where you’ll find most of them.

Academic Paper: Productive Play – This paper attempts to present the concept of “productive play”, a form of play that is productive and has a meaningful outcome. The paper intends to question contemporary approaches to “Serious Games” and “Simulations”, giving an alternate view to this problem, and complimenting on Huizinga’s definition of game and Caillois’ definition of play.

Game Design Case Study – Paper on the role of a Game Designer in the Game Design Process, and an insight in the prototyping process of a game. Worked with a professional company, performing design and development tasks. This project was carried out with my colleague Benjamin Ma.

Find a way out – An interactive story I wrote on InkleWriter, talking about feelings and experiences in a metaphoric way.

Story Progression and Character Development in Games – Volume 1 – Focusing on the game Tales of the Abyss, we explore how storytelling and character development unfolds, and how other games balance these two aspects.

Passage of Time in Games – Volume 1 – Red Alert, Ultima V, Harvest Moon, Seiken Densetsu 3 – Talking about day-time cycles and passage of time in these games.

Harvest Moon Game Concept
– A game design exercise I’ve made focusing on the first Harvest Moon game.

Why do we play Grandia? – Motivations on why Grandia has proven to be an interesting game.

Indie Game Pack Part 1 – Just me exploring some indie experimental games. “But that was yesterday” and “Looming”


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