Here, you’ll find some prototypes and game concepts that I’ve made across the years. Maybe someday I’ll pick them up and complete them.

2012-11-14 21.51

Dungeon Adventures is a 4-player casual game with action-RPG elements and an emphasis in cooperative gameplay, where the players form a team of magical heroes and embark on adventures in the different dungeons of the game. We developed a digital prototype for the game, and made a video pitch.

Memento Mori is a 2D narrative side-scrolling, shoot ‘em up game where the main character, devastated by the death of his grandmother, gives birth to unmatched powers in order to follow her to the heavens and rescue her soul from the afterlife. I came up with the main idea for the game and got together a couple of fellow designers and developers. An innovative mix of genres with a deep emotional atmosphere.


Hospital is a psychological horror game, where the main character, Jason, wakes up in a Hospital in the middle of a hurricane, with little recollection of his life. In the course of the game, he will have to fully explore the Hospital, trying to find out who he is and why he’s there, while evading the attacks of a dangerous assassin that roams the building.


Lonely is a game about being alone. It’s about lonely, introverted people, and how they live and react differently to a lot of things mainstream society doesn’t see or understand. I intend to make a small experiment with this game, and see if emotion may help us understand some behaviors and the powerful (and pityful) impact society may have on people. A game that intends to carry a social-awareness message, dealing with loneliness, sorrow and suicide.


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