I have a Computer Science background, and have worked in Software Development for four years. This allowed me to perform well in Game Programming.


I’ve worked as Programmer on Way to the Promised Land, defining the Game Architecture, how the main scripts work together, and the GUI.

Additionally, I implemented the first level, leaving the rest of them to the other programmer. It’s a game made in Unity using C#.

In Out of Darkness: Rebirth, I’ve implemented most of the gameplay (except for the AI and some puzzles).

There’s important sound-feedback and color-feedback in the game, the character controller, interactions, text and lots of triggers for scares.

Made in Unity using mostly C# and a bit of javascript.


In Dungeon Adventures, I developed an Abilities System that allowed various players to choose from a set of abilities, mapping it to different buttons on their controllers. Each of the players has different stats, so the controller also takes into account their speed, life, strength and magic power. It’s a game made in Unity using C#.


Recycle Family is a small, time-management game I alone made for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, to promote Recycling.

I coded the user interaction and mechanics. It’s made in XNA, using C#.

seasonChangeEven though Adventure Academy is an RPG-Maker game, I coded a season cycle, a random events engine and custom menus.

As in-game weeks pass by, the landscape changes with the seasons, people change their schedules, random events pop up and the weather is randomized.


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