Hi there.

I’m Sebastian Trelles, a computer engineer from Uruguay with a passion for games. I’ve worked in plenty of Game Projects as Project Manager and Lead Game Designer and Game Programmer, generally interested in non-violent games, including puzzle games, adventure games and simulation games. I’ve also done research on productive games (games with a productive purpose) and games that convey interesting narratives and experiences (experimental narrative games). I’ve attended a Master in Game Design in Complutense University of Madrid 2012 and am currently attending a MSc in Game Design at IT University of Copenhagen 2012-2014. I am also developing a couple of games.

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Most of my academic research is focused on creating experimental, narrative-driven games, and testing how people react to them. As a narratologist, I’m quite interested in stories in videogames and how people are becoming more involved with them as the videogame industry evolves.




Here’s access to some of my information.

.heartbeats’ Homepage: A small, award-winning experimental narrative game I’ve made. Got it featured in IndieGames.com!!!

LinkedIn Homepage: Holds information about my studies and professional experience.

Personal Blog: Here, I post videogame articles I write. From time passage in games to indie games I’ve liked to how games handle character interaction, there’s plenty to read.

Twitter Feed: Follow me to get the latest updates on videogame news.

Facebook Page: Befriend me!

My email is strelles@gmail.com, so you can always reach me there.


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