I want to fly!


‘I want to fly over the forest, Mother, and out of this village. I want to explore the world around me.’

‘I want to fly’ is a 2D adventure game about a young Leonardo da Vinci living in a small village, as he dreams of inventing wonderful artifacts, flying over the forest and exploring the fantasy world around him.

Leo will spend his days exploring the forests and caves around his village, running errands for the villagers and getting new ideas and materials for his inventions. At night, he will return home to tell his sick mother about his plans and adventures, and craft new inventions in his workshop.

By observing nature, Leo can sketch concepts (flying bird, thick trunk, fireflies), and get the necessary materials (wood, rocks, glue) by completing requests and exploring the outskirts of the village. In his Dad’s workshop, he can combine concepts in order to make plans and craft inventions such as ‘bouncy shoes’, ‘wooden bike’ and ‘small aeroplane’.

These inventions will act as power ups and vehicles, and open up new places for him to explore, as well as helping villagers with their work and making his village pretty (baker’s cart, farmer’s sprinkler, city lamp). The village will progressively incorporate his inventions to show the player’s progress.

‘I want to fly’ aims to be a light-hearted kid’s adventure with a coming-of-age story about living in a small town, exploring forests and caves, meeting magical creatures and creating wonderful inventions.


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